The Infidel Soldiers - Jams N. Roses

“The Infidel Soldiers” by James Ross is a fascinating book. I have read James Ross’s books and I have always admired his amazing way of putting a story together. The book is very well written and filled with a mixture of suspense, horror, mystery, and terrifying evil.
I was intrigued to the plot from the very beginning and I found it hard to put the book down. In the story, Britain is not the wonderful country that once was, following the infiltration of evil, the fundamental Muslims.
This story is not far from what is happening right now. It is very frightening to think this type of outcome. I found the story to be a very disturbing fantasy which is so close to the truth and it should open people’s eyes to what might happen if we are not careful.
I would recommend the book to everyone, not only to the Brits, but to the whole West. OMG!! GREAT BOOK.