A great book!!!

The Black Eagle Inn - Christoph Fischer

This is the second book I read by Christoph Fischer. I really did not think that anything could be better than “The Luck of Weissensteiners” but I was terribly wrong. This book exceeded my expectations. This is an extraordinary story.

Bavaria is the location of The Black Eagle Inn. Germany is dealing with trying to overcome the shame of a horrible regime that has been finally brought to its knees. The people are trying to survive and get back to a normal life. But how can they regain a pride that has been dragged through the mud and how can they erase the atrocities and the dreadfulness that wreaked the lives of millions of people?

The author Christoph Fischer does an amazing job once again introducing the characters that pull you into the story. The Hinterberger family is an interesting one. Anna is the matriarch of the family and after her father’s death she takes control of the family properties and that includes large pieces of land (farms) and the Black Eagle Inn. Her life is overwhelmed with scandals, conspiracies, money and forbidden love.

Family members are fighting among them trying to be the ones to inherit portion of the Hinterberger fortune. Magdalena, Helga, Lukas, Otto Hans and Markus are characters that are unforgettable for various reasons. The author cleverly introduces a mixture of strength, weakness, success and failure.

Again I found myself glued to the pages. A mixture of emotions took over my thoughts. I felt like crying in many occasions, wince at others, taken over by contempt for actions that made my skin crawl and envy at the courage of others.

This is a book I will read again and I would recommend to everyone I know. What an awesome job by Christoph Fischer who is a very talented and gifted author. I now have to go an pick up the third book, “SEBASTIAN” because I feel that I need to complete this trilogy. I am absolutely speechless at the awesomeness of this author’s extraordinary writing ability.A

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