Scent of Triumph

Scent of Triumph - Jan Moran The Scent of Triumph took me into an amazing journey from France to America. Through the first pages I thought that I was going to read a story similar to Titanic but oh!! Was I ever wrong? Jan Moran did an excellent job in keeping the reader eager trying to keep up with the next scene. Danielle is a strong courageous woman that spied for the French resistance, and I fell in love with her character. My mother was one of those amazing spies so I felt a clear connection to the heroine of this story. Danielle lived through some nail biting situations during the tremulous times of II world war. The war destroyed the days of tranquility and beauty in her life and threw her world into a whirling tornado. She endured the horror that enveloped her life when her husband and son were lost behind enemy lines. She was forced to flee France and come to America, where she picked up her broken heart and the fragments of her life and started over again with more gusto and more determination. She developed her signature perfume that mesmerized Hollywood. Jan Moran blends smoothly into those pages a mixture of so many tangible feeling such as loss, fear, love, hope, and self-identity. The book is enticing and I know you would love it! When I finally finished the book I found myself wanting more but there was no more ☹. I do want to see the book as a movie, however I don’t think anyone can portrait on the screen what Jan has put so superbly on paper. I am a fan!!!