It's Just a Little Crush (A Lizzie Hart Mystery)

It's Just a Little Crush (A Lizzie Hart Mystery) - Caroline Fardig This book manages to balance mystery, murder and romance in a perfectly delightful way. The heroine is quirky, witty and brings a wonderful flair of humor in the mist of murder. She is a fairly strong character and relatively self assured.
Lizzie and Blake's relationship is artfully blended with fun and passion. Some of the conversations back and forth brings you laughter and makes you happy. I truly hope that there is another book coming soon because I did find myself wanting a lot more when I finally got to the last page.
Lizzie and Blake are two totally different people that fall in love and let just enough romance change them in a way that they fit with each other. Their warmth and humor is what makes the plot desirable, intriguing and enjoyable.
Caroline Fardig has done an amazing job with this book.
Need a wonderful read with incredible characters and a believable story? Then you need to pick up a copy of this book.