A Story of River

A Story of River - Lana Axe I am normally not a fan of fairytales, but this book was absolutely enchanting. The author Lana Axe does a wonderful job with this novel. She takes the reader into a magical and exiting journey to introduce you to a new world Nol'Deron, which is the home to humans and other various living species.
There you meet very intriguing characters. I must say the idea of humans and elves together never entered my mind, so it was a pleasant surprise to find myself really absorbed in this wonderful story.

The characters are very likable, Mel, River, Thinal and Mi'tal. Mel, and Thinal are elves that belong to the Wild clan, while Mi'tal and King Aelryk, are human warriors. Even though normally they are against in each other, here they develop and interesting relationship in order to come together and fight evil.

The story expends into many other made up for the story mysterious parts of the world called Wildlands, Westerling Vale, Al'marr, Na'zora. Very clever on the author's part, and it's really very captivating.
The authors mind is swirling in fantastic ideas and provides this fabulous magic world in her story of a River. There is suspense and wonder through out the plot. To find out that evil elves can capture the souls of everything living to fuel their spells is a bit creepy to me, but then that is what gives the story the wonder of it all.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book and I would recommend it to anyone who loves to read and has unlimited imagination. The author did a great job. It is very well written, It is a pleasurable read and an easy plot to follow.