Keeping Score

Keeping Score - Jami Deise The author did a great job describing the life of a single mother Shannon Stevens who is involved in her young son’s life and his love for baseball. She is a devoted mother, committed to making sure that her son is happy and successful. For me it was an enjoyable easy read.

This is a wonderful book for sports lovers especially for parents with young children. There is a little bit of romance; enough to make you smile, but the main story is about Shannon and Sam. There are many places that the dialog is quite enjoyable between Shannon and other moms. Some kids and their parents tend to be mean and very competitive and that is where I loved the way Shannon handled those situations, and protected her son from hurtful words.

The moral of the story according to the author is that you can have friends, or you can complete, but you can’t compete against your friends and expect to keep them.