Cirque Macabre #1: The Show Must Go on

Cirque Macabre #1: The Show Must Go on - C.S. Patra This book brought tears to eyes. It reminded me of my visits to the circus with my parents who are not living any longer. I have to agree with the first reviewer’s statements because they can’t be any different than the ones any person would have after a repeated circus experience.

The author has done an amazing job bringing into the pages the true picture of the people who live everyday in a circus environment and what made them be part of that life. I could see vividly in my mind the acts, the sounds of the animals, the loud voice of the ringleader, Dante Gallati, and the excitement in everyone’s eyes that attended each show. There's something about the circus atmosphere that is very enthralling and unnerving at the same time. The author does a great job at putting the reader right in the story.

It was so wonderful to see the site of each character in this book and feel like you are there experiencing their emotions and their intensity before each show. They were all looking forward to a perfect performance that would delight the audience and the book delighted me.

Then the mystery of the missing Dante Gallati becomes a murder suspense. After recovering part of his body the circus becomes a crime location. Who could have done something like that? Who is the mysterious Shakespeare-loving texting stalker? The 11 performers must go on even thought the death of the ringleader is not solved. As the story moves on the performers find out that their leader was not as pure as he wanted everyone to think. He seemed to have motives behind everything he had done up to the moment he went missing. Their lives now do not look as safe as they thought they were.

The book is great and I would recommend it to everyone that I know!