My Kind of Crazy

My Kind of Crazy - Nadene Seiters My Kind Of Crazy was a wonderful read. The author has done a great job in introducing the deep emotional details of Jonah Quinton one of the main characters of the story, who suffers from hallucinations and mental illness. The plot is quite emotional and parts of the story brought tears to my eyes, while others made me laugh.

The heroine, Anastasia, has discovered a nude Jonah Quinton on her front lawn and she thinks that he might be responsible for her father’s death.

As the story unravels, Anastasia finds out that Jonah is not what she thought. She knows that there is a mystery behind her father’s death but Jonah has nothing to do with it. What I found delightful was that the author in a very clever way makes you feel that you are part of the story and you experiencing the same pain and suffering as the characters are experiencing from the first page to the last.

I was not surprised that the book was offered for free. Some of the best books I have read were offered for free. I love the hint of romance between Anastasia and Jonah and the delightful way that Nadene Seiters introduces the mutual bond they both held for Anastasia’s father.

The book was very easy to read and the suspense through out the pages quite interesting. It will keep you glued to the pages.