Winter's Island

Winter's Island - Lillian MacKenzie Rhine The book grabbed my interest from the very beginning. Cay Winters is a very interesting character that grows up being very independent and quite artistic. She lost her mother very young and found herself living with her aunt Lulu and her cousin Malcolm. Cay traveled to many amazing places following her desire for art.

What I really loved about the book was the allure and the beauty of Saint Thomas in the Virgin Islands. I got a real taste of the culture, captured through Cay’s eyes who appreciated and loved what she found. I felt that I was walking through the wonderful landscapes, beautiful beaches and amazing surrounding.

She chose to live in Saint Thomas where she met William Gatling her cousin’s mentor at the UVI who took a strong interest in Cay and was more than happy to show her how to love and protect her from danger. The relationship seemed to me a bit strange until I got to the point where I found out William’s secret. Wow!!! That really shocked me. I never expected that type of revelation. There were issues that both had to face before they accepted each other for who they were.

The plot is a good read that would keep you intrigued from the first page to the last. I would recommend the book to all my friends.