Son of a Serial Killer

Son of a Serial Killer - Jams N. Roses I received a copy of this book “Son of a Serial Killer” by James Roses in exchange for a fair and unbiased review. I never read anything by this author, but after finishing this book I know that I will follow his writings. This is a fast-moving book about a young man Ben Green who is extremely depressed by his father’s sudden and uncanny death. He threw himself in front of a bus and ended his life.

Ben is utterly distraught and it seems that everything in his life is falling apart. He looses his job, He catches his girlfriend cheating and his mentally ill mother reveals a shocking secret that plunges Ben further into the darkest levels of paranoia and wicked state of mind.

He is overwhelmed with confusing emotions. He is in turmoil, overcome by pain, guilt, fear, and distress. He is unable to control any of those feelings. James Roses does a spectacular job in displaying a broken man that looses connection with reality. He brings the reader into the plot and makes him feel Ben’s anguish. You get a real feeling of the results of mental illness and what it can do to a human being.

Ben’s ill mind hears voices out of nowhere and his eyes seem to notice nothing but psychopaths and crazy people walking around him threatening his life. The plot gets even more complicated, to the level that kept me glued to the pages until the very end.

The serial killer is the frightening point of the story that keeps you wondering who he is and when he is going to show up. I was shocked to find that Detective Summer and Kite spent years trying to track down the killer after the astounding number of murders, but they found it very difficult to resolve. The killer never left clues that would help trained detectives to find him. They actually did not know if they had one murderer to track down, or more.

I don’t want to give the story away but it is an amazing book with a thrilling ending. It did remind be a bit of the Zodiac killer. The author introduced very interesting characters that kept you wondering what was going to happen next. He also did a great job keeping the reader in suspense from cover to cover. I would recommend the book to anyone who likes suspenseful plots, complicated stories, murder, and thrill. It was enthralling!!!!