Crashing Down to Earth (Part One)

Crashing Down to Earth (Part One) - Terry Reid Crashing Down to Earth by Terry Reid is a wonderful book. I read the book in one day as I was not able to wait to find out what happens next and get to the final outcome. I fell in love with Hayley and the Guardian Angel Alex who was assigned by the elders to protect her. I believe in angels so I was totally on board with this story.

Thank you Terry Reid for a fascinating Book. The relationship between Alex and Hayley was most interesting and heartwarming. The author's creative mind is extraordinary. I was excited and eager to turn the pages and follow the very interesting lives of these two, as well as the rest of the characters that add important clues to the story. The author has a wonderful way of moving through the plot and creating an exciting way for the reader to move though the pages.

The streets of Glasgow bring thrilling excitement as Hayley and Alexander battle the evil Marli and I got totally engaged in that battle. I love the hint that told me that in fact Gabriel is coming back. I really didn't want for the book to end. But at least I know there is another book that will follow, so I can hardly wait for that.

I recommend the book to anyone who loves excitement, and is thirsty for a very well written novel. This is the kind of genre that I love and I loved the book!!
Terry Reid well done!!!