Sebastian - Christoph Fischer This is another powerful book written by Christoph Fischer. It takes place in Vienna. The main character of the book is a Sebastian, a young man just sixteen who had part of his leg amputated. He is a very strong individual filled with determination at such a young age that it leaves you utterly stunned. He is dealing with many complications from that amputation, but he does not let any of that become an abstraction to his goal. He suffers set-backs and wretched poignant incidents, but he does goes on. He is a very likable character and one of my favorites in this book.

He lives with his father Franz, who runs a grocery store under the same dueling they occupy, and his mother Vera who is quite ill. His best friend Oscar and his wife Rebecca live with them as well. The plot becomes very complicated when several other characters inter the seen. I found all the characters to be fascinating as they are so different and yet so involved in every aspect of the story. First is the young beautiful Ingeborg, then Eva, Sebastian’s first crush, Margit and her mother, Peroska.

Fischer introduces very cleverly amazing twists and turns to the plot blended with the right amount of transcendent facets, and séances. All that creates a large amount of chaos in characters’ lives, while the war is blasting in full force. I was absolutely glued to the pages. I could not put the book down. This is exactly what happened to me with the other two books in the trilogy “The Luck of the Weissensteiners” and “The Black Eagle Inn”.

Christoph Fischer has done a lot of research and provides a rich understanding of the events in Eastern Europe during that era.
This is again an amazing book that is brilliantly written and I am a fan.

I wish there was another book that I could pick up and continue this amazing journey. I will recommend this book to everyone I know. These books are filled with information, that has been greatly researched, memorable characters that we will love, and it will provide a blend of emotions that will leave you astonished.
Sebastian is a book that has to be read, but so are the other two books in the trilogy. I love them all and could not tell you which one is better than the other because they are equally great!!!!
Christoph Fischer is a wonderful gifted writer and one of my most favorite authors.