The Branches of Time

The Branches of Time - Luca  Rossi This is the second book that I read by Luca Rossi and I loved it just as much as I did Galactic Energies. The author is very talented and the story quite great. Luca is a master in providing twists and turns in his books that keep you glued to the pages.

This book starts at a wonderful wedding that was taking place on the island of Turios. Next thing you know a huge catastrophic and devastating disaster destroys the place and kills the people on the island but for a priestess Miril, Bashinoir and his wife Lil.

While you try to get over that incident, quickly you find out that every dead body on the ground starts to disappear and soon you are in another day and time. The twists and turns of the story the time travel and the complicated plot will take your breath away. There is a wonderful mixture of fantasy, sexual overtone, Sci-Fi, excitement, adventure and utter entertainment through out the pages. I liked the characters in the story and Luca made them likable by providing details about their existence.

I loved the book and I will recommend it to all my friends who love this type of material. It is really a great read. The plot is exciting, sexual, thrilling and kept me eager for more. Luca Rossi has done an amazing job once again and I can’t wait for his next book where the adventure moves to another wild level.