Time To Let Go

Time To Let Go - Christoph Fischer Christoph Fischer I am at awe!!! “TIME TO LET GO” is another remarkable book!!!
It is the 4th book I have read by Christoph Fisher and I am rendered speechless. In this novel, the author has elegantly and brilliantly guided me through the difficult moments in the life of a British family that is trying to cope with the complexity of the heartwrenching disease Alzheimer’s.

Walter Korhonen is a man full of principals. He fell in love and married Biddy, a capable, energetic and warm person and together they raised 3 children, Hannah, a flight attendant, Henrik and Patrick. Walter is now retired and taking care of Biddy who is battling Alzheimer’s.

Hannah is going through a crisis of her own due to an incident that took place on one of her flights. Hannah tried hard to revive a woman who was not breathing but the woman died. Her husband decided to sue the airlines for letting his wife die on their watch. Hannah is now on a leave of absence until the issue is resolved. She decided to spend time with her parents trying to get away from the phone calls and the intruding reporters.

The disease has now made her mother lose focus and slowly has turned her to a confused and helpless individual. Hannah knew that her mother did not recognize her any longer, but against her fathers protests, she tried to get her mother involved in doing ordinary things with her such as cooking, taking walks, and going to the grocery store.

Walter on the other hand, at the beginning of Biddy’s decline, he refused to accept the fact that her disease was progressing and something like that would definitely threaten their future together. Gradually he did consent that his wife had a clinical disease that would change their lives forever. Biddy’s decline was slowly taking pieces of Walter’s heart away, leaving him utterly heartbroken, but unwilling to let go and fighting to cope each and every day. I fell in love with each and every character in the story.

I found myself clinging to the book with tears running down my face. I had been on the exact crossroad with a member of my own family. Walter’s love and commitment to his beloved Biddy was heartwarming. Against his children’s advise to put Biddy into a home where they could take care of her, he decided to stand by her for better or worse, and try to enjoy every moment while sitting on the sofa in their own home holding her hand, until he couldn’t do it any longer.

The book is fantastic…There was a hint of romance between Hannah and a young paramedic Karim but it never came to flourish for various reasons. I could go on and on about this awesome book, but I don’t want to ruin it for the other readers. All I can say is that if you don’t read this book it will be a big mistake. I will highly recommend it to every person I know as an excellent written book with a lot of substance. Books like this one, keep my love for reading alive. Thank you Christoph Fischer for another outstanding novel.