Secrets of the Realm

Secrets of the Realm - Bev Stout This is a wonderfully written book. I found myself lost into a world of pirates and utter adventure. I fell in love with the heroine Annie and couldn’t help embrace her pain and sadness as an orphan having to endure abuse by a family member and finally finding herself living in the streets. I just can’t even imagine for someone having to endure that type of living.

I was delighted to find out that at age 14 she decided that the only way she could get out of London and dangerous streets was to hide the fact that she was girl and take a new identity as a boy in order to get a job on a ship. After having to face a lot of difficulties she succeeded in securing a job on Captain Hawks ship the Realm as Andres de le Cruz a cabin boy. Hiding her sex was the most problematic thing she had to face while living with a bunch of superstitious men.

Working on the ship was a lot harder than she ever dreamed of, but the friendships she created with her shipmates were incredible and much needed to keep her going.
The author did a superb job in taking the reader into a rollercoaster of adventures, bold fights among pirates and turbulent oceans. This is the kind of story that you would think only kids could fall in love with, but I found myself really enjoying the book. This is the kind of book that would create amazing dreams in young minds, and bring the kid into adult hearts.

Bev Stout you did a wonderful job with this book and I will recommend it to my friends and all that would love to spend some enjoyable time with a great book.