Lone Wolf Rising

Lone Wolf Rising - Jami Brumfield This is the type of genre that holds my attention and it does not let go until I am at the last page. I love fantasy, sci-fi and great adventure. The author Jami Brumfield combines all that in this volume, and I fell in love with it.

The main heroine Rebecca is a strong, wonderful and a very likable character. She is also a very complicated individual trying to handle the conflict between being a human and a wolf. Her transformation and the radical effects will leave you breathless. The author did an amazing job in intertwining the plot cleverly in a magical way that sends the reader through twists and turns that they are totally unexpected.

I love being intrigued by the relationship between Rebecca and two hot…hot…supernatural men, Lucky and Gabriel that are her decision helpers. Rebecca is bestowed the responsibility of being the leader and protector of the local wolf pack. I kept changing my mind constantly about which one she should end up with, and I just could not come up to a final decision. I think the reason is that I love both men ☺

Lone Wolf Rising is an enthralling and exciting book that kept me eagerly turning the pages to find out the outcome of the conflicts between wolfs and vampires, and Rebecca’s choice between Lucky and Gabriel.

I am an avid reader and I know that I will follow Jami Brumfield’s work. She is a delightful author and I am hooked. I already purchased her next book and I am eager to start. If you love excitement, paranormal and thrill this book will be perfect for you. I will recommend the book to all my paranormal friends and followers.