Viral Intent

Viral Intent - Judith Townsend  Rocchiccioli VIRAL INTENT reminded me of the old movie “Outbreak”. Judith Rocchiccioli clearly shows in this book how a virus can find its way among the people, spread and create mass destruction. Alex Destephano is the heroin in this book and she is a lawyer and a register nurse. She is employed by CCMC in New Orleans the Crescent City Medical Center.

Alex is now in charge of resolving the crisis as victims start to arrive at the hospital needing medical care. It is clear that a mysterious deadly virus that is threating to spread and create a deadly situation across New Orleans has infected these victims. The author has the NOPD, FBI, Secret Service, State Police, National Guard, the Mayor, and the Governor’s office involved in trying to make preparations to secure the public from this outbreak.

This is a great thriller that keeps the reader eager for more. Again the author uses her expertise just as she did in IMPOSTER to provide information and medical ideas that help the reader understand some of the details in the plot. Judith Rocchiccioli has once again provided very compelling and likable characters. Viral Intent is truly a wonderful book and I would gladly recommend it as a must read!!!