The Lady of the Pier - The Ebb (The Lady of the Pier, #1)

The Lady of the Pier - The Ebb (The Lady of the Pier, #1) - Effrosyni Moschoudi I receive a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and unbiased review. I immediately fell in love with the plot and with the amazing characters that the author introduced in this novel. The story unravels in Brighton (UK) and Corfu (Greece). These are two of the most magnificent places in the world for me. The times are 1937 and 1987 and the story moves very elegantly to various other locations.

“The Lady in the Pier” has now become one of my favorite reads. The author interweaves a mixture of emotions, such as romance, friendship, fame, family and heartbreak in a masterful way to keep the reader glued to the pages. I am a romance author and this was the kind of book I wanted to spend time reading and enjoying.

The amazing characters of Laura Mayfield, her mother Ruth, Sophia Aspioti, Christian Seale, Charles the Viscount, a childhood friend Danny Markson and so many others stole my heart. Laura and her mother chose to start their life in Brighton where Laura falls in love with Christian, while Sophia finds love and excitement In Corfu. The romance is wonderful and the charm of the places holds you hooked to the pages from cover to cover.

My interest picked at the mystery of Sophia’s dreams. The enigmatic lady in black of the Brighton Pier, that haunts her day in and day out. Who is that woman? Why her presents distress her is such a way? What is the significance of the pier? The author does an amazing job in providing an intriguing story that will keep you hungry for more.

I love how the author cleverly interlinks the main two characters Laura and Sophia. They are two totally different people who find love and excitement in totally different places, at totally different times, but they are connected by the same fate. I just love the book.

Effrosyni Moschoudi is a delightful and very talented author with a fascinating imagination that provides a very well written book with an exciting plot. The pace of the story is just right and provides a clear view of the lives and emotions of her story characters. I would recommend this book to any person who loves to be enchanted by a novel, who enjoys adventure and who loves romance and mystery.