The Reluctant Jesus

The Reluctant Jesus - Duncan Whitehead I received a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and unbiased review. I absolutely had not idea what I was getting into. It took only about a few pages into the plot and I was dumfounded. This book exceeded my expectations! It was a wonderful surprise a refreshing novel filled with amazing ideas, intriguing characters, and humor, lots of humor.

Duncan Whitehead is a very talented author that provided a plot that was entertaining but it also made me dig deep into my conscious and give myself a self check about who I am all about, and what I am doing here. What I found intriguing was the idea of Jesus being here on earth living among us as a normal man. It makes me wonder what would people do if someone really did try to prove that he was Jesus. How would we judge him?

The book was very charming and made it very difficult for me to put it down. It is written in an exceptional way that shows the author’s amazing ability to put out a fascinating story. It is truly an wonderful read.

The author introduces a very likable character Seth Miller, who resides in New York. He is single and has a very successful job. It is a meeting with his mother that changes everything in his life, as he knew it. I honestly laughed a lot while going through the pages but I also found myself wondering… what if?

Seth became the reluctant Jesus and he is utterly not ready to face the challenges presented to him, by God himself. God comes to him not in the strong deep voice from Heaven but a normal conversation. I thought it was extremely funny when he thought that God was crazy and suffering from ADHD. I laughed out loud when Seth and his disciples Bob Nancy and Maggie De Lynne try to tell everyone that Jesus is back on earth. The events that take place are hilarious and greatly enjoyable, especially when he gets the assignment of performing miracles and everything goes utterly haywire.

Duncan Whitehead created characters that are very well liked and introduced a wonderful blend of emotions such as action, wonder, fascination, shock, humor, and amazement.
This really was unlike any other novel I have ever ready and I loved it. I would be happy to recommend this book to any person that has an open heart and an open mind and is willing to spend a few hours enjoying a very well written book with a lot of humor, and adventures.