The Witch's Vampire (Mystery Springs Series)

The Witch's Vampire (Mystery Springs Series) - Jami Brumfield Jami Brumfield is one of my favorite authors. I read her previous books and I fell in love with them. “Lone Wolf Rising” and “Vampire Princess Rising”. The books are paranormal romance my favorite genre and absolutely amazing. “THE WITCH’S VAMPIRE” is her new release. I bought the book and started to read it the night before last night and I had to finish it.

The witch’s vampire exceeded my expectations. The plot is way more complicated, the characters are amazing and very likable, the roller coaster of the ups and downs breathtaking. I just can’t imagine now any books by Jami Brumfield without a hot!!! Hot!!! Hot!!! Vampire, that will take any woman’s breathe away, and make her fall completely and utterly in love with him.

I am absolutely stunned with this author’s level of imagination. Sophie Waters is the lead female character. She is witty, smart, unafraid and unselfish. She cares about others and their wellbeing before she worries about herself. A completely unselfish woman ur…witch. I love the stand she takes toward her sister Chelsea and her father Rafe Waters. But most of all I love her relationship, and the hot romance between Sophie and Gio. I am really hooked with Brumfield’s style of writing and I know that I will be reading every book of this author.

This is a book of romance, intensity, suspense, a touch of mythology and sizzling passion!!! between Sophie and Giovanni Mancuso. I would recommend this book to every person that loves Paranormal / Romance, suspense, thrill and ready to meet some very interesting unforgettable characters. Jami Brumfield this book is great!!! Can’t wait for your next release.