For the Sake of a Child

For the Sake of a Child - Stevie Turner Stevie Turner has written another wonderful book. I received a complementary copy of “For the Sake of a Child” for an honest review, and this will be one of the easiest to write. I loved the story of Ginny Ford who is an amazing character very likable and very believable.
She is an honest person and her integrity is put to the test at her place of employment. She is working for a large corporation and she uncovers that some shady business were going on and it involved children. Her bosses were deeply involved and she had to decide if she was going to pretend she did not know or to do something about it.
Her high morals did not let her sit on something like that. She gets involved and in turn she faces some dangerous situations. The book is filled with incredible emotions. Suspense, fear, and heart-break.
Excellent read! Excellent plot. Loved the book !!!