The Highlander

The Highlander - Zoe Saadia "Another ride into the ancient world of Aztecs and their neighbors turned out to be a fascinating experience. A continuation of Pre-Aztec books, ‘The Highlander’ offers a peek into the escalating politics of the region, while two young men, Kuini and Coyotl, youths of absolutely different backgrounds, become friends despite the enmity of their nations.
But will their friendship endure the escalating hostilities of the region that must result in war? And will Kuini manage to safe Coyotl’s sister, his secret love, from a political marriage?
Like the books of the previous series, ‘The Highlander’ is a fast-paced story, full of action and suspense, subtle romance and history of the times and places untouched by historical fiction so far. I recommend this book as highly as the others."