Crossing Worlds

Crossing Worlds - Zoe Saadia “Crossing Worlds” is the rise of the Aztecs. It is set in the pre-Aztec central Mexican area. The author has done extensive research of the Aztecs and the other groups that existed in the area during the same time.
Zoe Saadia has done a great job with this book. It is very well written. Her characters are very interesting, intriguing and very believable. The story is exciting and deeply affecting.
I loved the previous books and I am more intrigued each time I get a new book by Zoe Saadia. “Crossing Worlds” is the first book in the second series and the saga continues making each page even more interesting. I followed the boys that took refuge in the highlands and I was utterly intrigued.
This is an author that you need to follow if you love history, mystery and excitement