Two Rivers

Two Rivers - Zoe Saadia Here is another great book by Zoe Saadia. “Two Rivers” brings passion and intrigue into the reader mind. I love her books and this one is just proves that she is a great author with a wild imagination, amazing detail in research and breathtaking deliver of the story.
The characters are wonderful and I find them believable beyond any doubt. Reading the book I felt like I was transformed to another world and felt each emotion and each breath the characters took. I followed the legend of a man that believed it was his responsibility to bring the rival nations together and form the Iroquois constitution.
How fascinating to be taken to a different era and witnessing a awesome piece of history unfolding in front of your eyes. I could not put the book down and when I got to the last page I felt the need for more.
I would recommend the book to every person that love history and wild imagination that produces and fascinating book.