Anonymity - Amber Lea Easton I bought the book a couple of days ago, because Amber Lea Easton is one of my favorite authors. I was sure it was going to be a great read but this book exceeded my expectations. "Anonymity" is a captivating holiday romance.
The author has done a fabulous job in providing a detail description of the surroundings that pulls the reader right into the pages.
I was utterly mesmerized and did not put the book down until I was finished. The beautiful beaches of Belize and the hot sizzling romance between two of the main character, Alyssa and Luke were the perfect cocktail for a hot read.
Alyssa is on a week’s rebellious vacation. Her ex was getting married on New Year’s Eve and she was going try and forget about the whole unhappy situation.
In Belize she meets Luke Picket and she’s thrilled. This will be a great time filled with fun, adventure, sunbathing and sex. First-name-no-strings attached affair. That is all she was looking for. There will be nothing more between them. No emotional attachments and no complications.
They have an agreement to not speak about their private lives, and not to look for anything more than a fun, uncomplicated affair, thinking those words this will keep them safe and uncommitted.
Of course it does not turn out that way, and I don’t want to spoil the book for other readers, but I absolutely loved it. The story is very well written and the author has cleverly provided a very exciting and scorching hot read.
I would happily recommend the book to any person that would love to spend some wonderful time reading a very good book. Very well done, and a MUST READ.